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Ashton & Callie

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Ashton & Callie

Meet Ashton and Callie!

Ashton is a happy energetic young man who enjoys making and flying origami planes competitively. Yes, you heard that right! Some of the planes he's made have flown over 50 yards. In addition to his origami planes Ashton, has a passion for all thing's aviation, skateboarding and dogs. Ashton hopes to grow up one day and design graphics for shoes and skateboards.

Callie is a very active, outgoing girl! She has many interests including sports, fashion and music. She enjoys watching the Medea movies and scary movies like Fear Street. Callie's favorite snacks are sour candy, Dr. Pepper and hot-n-spicy chicken sandwich from McDonald's.  Callie is also very interested in school, math is her best subject. When Callie grows up she would like to be a hairstylist and learn how to braid or become a 2nd grade teacher. Callie's perfect day would be to go to San Diego with her best friends to play, go swimming and get buried in the sand. They would then go to get candy and go on rides at the amusement park.

Ashton and Callie's ideal family would be a two-parent family that will help foster their sibling bond and other supports and connection. They would do best with a family that is nurturing, patient and understanding. A family who will be committed and provide them with a safe and loving home. One that is able to provide structure, boundaries and support them in their endeavors regardless of anything else going on.

Ashton was born in 2012 and Callie was born in 2014.

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