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Breezy is an outgoing and funny teenager. He has a contagious smile that lights up a room. Angel describes himself as kind, caring, and having a great personality. He loves to cook and enjoys a large variety of foods. His favorite thing to eat is french fries. He also enjoys a good Sprite or Blizzard at any time.

Breezy's favorite subject in school is art. He enjoys writing his own songs and hopes his talent and creativity will turn into a career one day. Breezy's passion for cooking could also turn into a job he has one day.

When asked why he wants to be adopted, Breezy said “I want to be adopted because I want to be loved and cared for, and to have a family and a home to call my own.”

Breezy would thrive in a two-parent home with lots of time to spend with him. He would do best with an older sibling or as the only child in the home. Breezy is Christian and wants a family that would go to church with him and will be accepting and understanding of his identity no matter what.

Breezy was born in 2004.

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