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Jasmine is a bubbly, talkative girl with a lot to share! Jasmine loves her school teachers because they are nice to her. Her favorite subject is currently the period where she gets to be TA for the principal at school! After the work is all done and school is over for the day, Jasmine can be found relaxing at home, coloring, dancing, going for a swim or watching her favorite movie: The Greatest Showman. Jasmine also likes to hula hooping and playing basketball in her spare time. When hunger strikes, the way to Jasmine’s heart is either pizza or spaghetti! She loves to wash it all down with a cold root beer.

Jasmine has big plans for her future, too. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher or a veterinarian, so she can teach people or take care of pets! Her favorite animal is a dog and she dreams of living in a home with at least one dog in it someday. Jasmine is good at so many things, including basketball, being social and dancing!. If she could go anywhere in the world it would be Disneyland; one of her deepest wishes is to go someday. When asked what she would like the world to know about her, Jasmine says she wants everyone to know that she will make them a bracelet!

Jasmine was born in 2007.

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