Meet James, Ohana HR Director!

August 29, 2022

My name is James and I am the Director of HR for Ohana AZ. My wife Maritza and I have been married for 12 years and we have three beautiful kids together. I started with Ohana in November 2021 and it has been one of the best moves I have ever made. Change is never easy, let alone shifting careers, and for the past 18 years I've worked in Corporate America but I always knew I wanted to do more. I first came across Ohana and slowly started to pay attention to this small organization making BIG waves in the ever-changing world of Social Services. For years I was searching for my purpose. Yes, I have a purpose in being a husband and a father, but I wanted to serve others and make a difference and I found that in Ohana.

“Ohana is an organization that is creating lives, and creating change, one kid at a time. We are a premiere agency. I found purpose in my life, and a calling to help my community. I joined Ohana and I am doing meaningful, positive work in a loving and caring environment. I am so fortunate to have joined such a wonderful organization.”

I specifically remember when I first started thinking about making a career change and looking back I can see God working very meticulously in my life. Every year, Ohana takes its members on a vacation to San Diego and last year my family and I just happened to be there at the exact same time! I saw the staff playing with the kids on the beach, creating lifelong memories, creating reaI change, and creating a sense of family and purpose. I knew at that moment that I needed to do more and I found an organization that is dedicated to spreading love, healing, and creating a positive impact in our community. If you are ready to make a difference, create lasting change, and be a leader in your community then look no further than Ohana AZ.

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