about us

Honoring your story. Providing hope. Living as Ohana.

Ohana is a leading social services agency that provides both residential and support services for foster youth and adults with special needs throughout the state of Arizona. It is Ohana’s belief that everyone deserves to be in a family like home with a loving and caring support system. We create homes where children and adults will be able to find meaning and purpose for their lives, with their dignity upheld, and individual differences embraced.

At Ohana, we have an integrated, evidence-based approach and provide a multitude of support services to help each person reach their full potential. These supportive services include helping foster youth find adoptive families, programs for older foster youth to be successful into adulthood, work and job readiness programs, transitional housing, and mentorship programs.

Our History

Ryan and Sara Senters founded Ohana in 2015 out of their passion for kids in the Arizona foster care system. They have adopted four of their six children out of foster care and have personally seen the powerful impact that a loving family can have on a child. It was their personal experience of adopting two teenagers out of the foster care system that has fueled their passion to see the most vulnerable youth in our state receive the best, family-like care possible.
Ohana originally started with one home for 10 boys and 6 staff and has now expanded to 40 homes with over 500 staff.  Ohana provides a multitude of supportive services that create an ecosystem of love and support for our foster youth and adults with special needs.

Ryan’s focus is to develop a rock star team of passionate, servant hearted people who will be part of the Ohana vision and mission. We have watched people on our team grow in their roles from a direct care worker, house manager, program manager, to now a director of an entire department. One of Ohana’s biggest passions is watching people fulfill their God given purpose by serving the most vulnerable in our state.

At Ohana, we are young and scrappy. We are growing and our history is still unfolding. We are willing to try anything to make sure our vision becomes a reality. We can’t wait to see what the next decade holds. We are just getting started.
Ohana’s first summer vacation in 2016. As of this summer, our trip has grown to include over 100 people.

Our Values

Who we are on this journey towards our vision.
Core values poster

Family: We live as family.

Integrity Matters: We believe integrity matters. All the time.

Never Done: We are always learning and growing.

Celebrate: In community we laugh and celebrate together.

Faithful Servant: We honor God in all we do.

Hope Ambassadors: We believe the best is yet to come.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission:We provide residential and supportive services to the most vulnerable through love, hope, and instilling a strong sense of purpose.

Vision:We see a future where the most vulnerable are empowered to reach their full potential and positively impact the world around them.

Our Commitment to Quality Services

Ohana’s Quality Improvement and Training department works together to ensure our programs and systems provide the highest standards of service and care.  These standards allow for continuous improvement and provide a positive impact on the lives of our foster youth and special needs adults.

Ohana is accredited by CARF.