Annual Turkey Bowl Stuffed with Fun for the Ohana Family

November 29, 2021

This year we had our 5th Annual Turkey Bowl, and it was stuffed with tons of fun! Every year we do our best to improve our agency, and especially how we serve our members. We had inflatables, a bounce house, 9 Square in the Air and lots of fun crafts and games. While serving both our special needs adults and foster care youth, we like to be inclusive. We had a few giveaways and raffles, and one of our special needs adults, Devin, had his eye on a giant plush animal. He wanted it soo bad that he wouldn’t stop asking his staff about it! His staff told him he should pray for it—an inside encouragement that they give. As they started to announce these winners, Devin’s name was called! He was shouting and telling his staff that “God does answer prayers!" We love any hope we can give at Ohana, and that day Devin left with more hope. We also had a guest appearance from The Grinch and his dog Max!