Hoppin’ into Easter with Ohana

April 21, 2022

This past weekend we celebrated our annual Ohana Easter Egg Hunt event for our foster kids and special needs, at our local park. We had a huge celebration filled with bouncy castles, food, games, arts and crafts, and our various easter egg hunts for different ages. We even had a special appearance by the Easter Bunny, so everyone was able to take cute pictures with him too.

We wanted to give a tremendous thank you to everyone who donated to making this event happen. We received an overwhelming amount of eggs, candy, gift cards, toys, easter baskets, and monetary donations. Our goal this year was to make 1,000 eggs, and we definitely exceeded that goal. Everyone was able to enjoy their little treats, play, and have a fun time together as a big Ohana.

I asked a little girl from one of our foster care houses what her favorite part of the day was, and she said “THE EASTER BUNNY! I loved meeting the Easter Bunny… his fur was so fluffy! And all the candy I got.” (This was her first time ever seeing the Easter Bunny). Without this amazing community, and without the love everyone has shown, we would not have been able to host this event for our foster kids and special needs.

We also wanted to give a huge thank you to our staff and volunteers for organizing, and running the event so smoothly. Thanks to you guys, we can have this special event every year with our family and friends.