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Discovering a Positive Identity through Meaningful contributions.

Ohana’s Work & Job Readiness Program

Ohana’s Work & Job Readiness Program offers our youth and special needs adults the tools needed to succeed in the workforce. We provide a Life Skills Facilitator and Youth in Transition Coordinator to take all of our youth through a 6 week series that teaches them various topics related to employment, including:
All of the lessons are interactive and something the youth look forward to every week. At the end of the program, our facilitator takes each of the youth to apply for a job. Most of our youth have been able to successfully obtain their first job because of their commitment to Ohana’s Work & Job Readiness Program.

Ohana’s Job Placement Program

Ohana also offers a job program for the youth we serve. Through our job placement program, Ohana has opened several businesses to create a place to employ the youth in our care and in our community. We have found that many employers do not have the patience to work with our foster youth and do not have the flexibility when challenges arise with them. The management team at our Ohana companies are trained in trauma informed care which helps them properly support our youth and give them the best chance of success. They will be given the chance to move up within the organization and with time and maturity they can become leads and managers. The main goal of our job placement program is to help our youth transition to adulthood, while giving them a chance to develop their passion, purpose and dignity. For more information on our Ohana businesses that participate in our job program visit:
Sky Zone Laveen
3636 W Southern Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85041
3648 W Southern Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85041
F45 Laveen
4920 W Baseline Rd Ste C103
Laveen, AZ 85339

Work Program for Adults with Special Needs

Ohana proudly offers Group Supported Employment (GSE) and Center-Based Employment (CBE) opportunities for eligible adults who are ready to experience the power of integrated employment in a work setting. We believe that benefits experienced from participating in Ohana’s Work and Vocation Programs are invaluable, some of which include:
Adults who choose to participate with Ohana’s Work or Vocation Programs will be given a platform to find employment opportunities that fit their talents and interests within the community. Opportunities include, but are not limited to: working with animals, working with local business partners such as the local trampoline park, or working within the general community.

We believe that with time, dedication, and persistent support, the adults we care for will see their unique strengths and ability to give back.