Eighth Grader Accepted to Harvard's Pre-Law Summer Program

April 16, 2024

An Ohana foster youth has achieved something extraordinary: she's been accepted into Harvard's Pre-Law Summer Program, a remarkable feat especially since she's only in eighth grade. Normally aimed at high school students, this competitive program selected just 35 participants nationwide, and she was one of them.

The program is an introduction to the legal system, setting up young aspiring lawyers for success in law studies at one of the world's top universities. For this ambitious student, it marks the beginning of her journey towards her dream of attending Harvard Law School.

Her aspiration to become a lawyer stems from deeply personal experiences—growing up with a father who was frequently in and out of jail. These challenges ignited her desire to understand the legal system and advocate for those who, like her father, found themselves entangled in legal difficulties. She aims to use her education to help others get the representation and support they need, making a positive difference in the lives of people facing legal challenges.

Her success is a standout story that shines a light on the potential of foster youth and underscores the importance of providing opportunities for all young people to excel. As she prepares for her summer program at Harvard, Ohana is excited to see her take on this challenge. Her journey inspires others, proving that determination and hard work can turn dreams into reality.