Helping Our Youth One Punch at a Time

April 18, 2022

This story begins with one of our girl’s struggling to adjust with her new home and environment. She has had a very traumatic past, and tends to seek attention from staff by punching walls and acting out in aggression.

One of our staff members recently suggested getting her involved with boxing.

And for the last few weeks, she’s been participating in boxing lessons. This has been the perfect fit for her. She has been able to get out her aggression in a positive way, while also learning self defense and other valuable life lessons. Boxing has helped her create a new outlook in life; she now has a peaceful presence at home and a more calming spirit about her. When you see her now, she’ll more than likely have a huge smile on her face. 

This new found success has resulted in her now being ready for a mentor! She will be matched next week and we anticipate even more progress in her life.

Our community partner New City Church was generous enough to give us a financial donation that covers all costs for our youth to join a local boxing gym for 6 months. Shaune Horne is the Social Justice Pastor at New City and he is very passionate about serving youth in foster care. Shaune experienced the foster care system himself growing up and then was adopted by a family to then later be kicked out at 18. His experience of not having access to resources and community was a pain that led to his purpose in wanting to use his role at New City to advocate for our youth.

We are so thankful and look forward to what the future holds.