Meet Marlin: An Amazing Special Needs Young Adult

December 10, 2021

Marlin is a dear friend at Ohana, being in our care for 2½ years. Within that time, we've had the privilege of watching him grow in so many ways. He is very well-known in our Ohana community because of his infectious, joyful spirit that he carries with him everywhere he goes. For the past year, Marlin has been getting up at 5 am Monday through Friday to work at Robinson Ranch. At the ranch, Marlin feeds the horses, cleans up the stalls, and leads volunteers when they come visit the ranch. Tuesday through Thursday, Marlin goes to a day program where he helps prepare food to feed and serve underprivileged communities. One of our main pillars at Ohana is Creating Normalcy, and Marlin is an incredible example of independence and by being so involved in the community.