Student of the Year

May 9, 2023

At Ohana we are always so proud seeing our kids shine and overcome their challenges. Recently, one of our foster girl’s, Sarah, was awarded “Student of the Year” by her district's school board! Sarah is a senior in high school who has a huge heart and a hopeful spirit. This award was rightly deserved and we are so happy to share her very special moment.

When Sarah heard her name called for the “Student of the Year” award, she was surprised and even a little nervous. Upon receiving the award, her principal explained how she was recognized for helping kids after school and being a bright light to fellow students. Sarah has been helping other kids by guiding them on how to improve their assignments and their grades after school. She has shown tremendous love by serving others when she had been facing her own personal challenges.

It has been great to see her perseverance recognized, and Sarah shows us all how fulfilling it is to love and serve others, which is what we value here at Ohana. She has also demonstrated our core value of hope; because despite her hardships, she has pushed herself to excellence.

Sarah’s kind actions are worthy of recognition and we are so proud of her!