Off to College: Celebrating Our Foster Youth's Journey to NAU

June 19, 2024

Check out NAU’s newest college student! We are so proud of this foster youth’s hard work and are so excited for her Flagstaff adventure this fall.

Her group home manager said, “I asked my biggest baby in the house what she would like to do before I dropped her off at NAU. She said to spend time with you at our favorite place. I said okay and we drove out to Sedona. I said this water will give you a fresh start to adulting and hopefully help you through the nervousness of today. The work we do is for moments like this. She is my home and another member of my family. We pushed her so hard so she didn’t end up a statistic. We wanted more for her and she fought. We had a mother daughter relationship, most days weren’t easy but at the end I can’t hold back
tears. God please bless her with all she deserves and shine on her everyday. One of my hardest days but also a celebration of a new beginning.”

This is why we do what we do at Ohana. Seeing our foster youth embark on new beginnings like college fills us with immense pride and reaffirms our commitment to supporting their journeys toward brighter futures. Moments like this remind us of the profound impact we have on their lives. We strive every day to provide a nurturing environment where they can thrive and pursue their dreams.