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Alexander who goes by Alex is an adventurous young man who loves spending time at the park, listening to his favorite rappers. Alex loves snakes and lizards and enjoys playing pranks on those around him. If Alex is not able to go to the park, you will find him at home either playing video games or watching anime. When it's dinner time, you can count on Alex to help prepare it!

Alex's favorite thing to do when he gets home from school is to walk to the gas station and get a snack, usually hot chips. Alex would like a family that is nice to him and has time to help him with his school work. Alex would do best in a home where he is an only child or the youngest child. Alex would like to stay in Arizona. Alex's forever family will allow him to maintain and integrate relationships with his siblings. Alex will do best in an environment with clear boundaries, a regular, consistent schedule and clear expectations.

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