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Meet Bentley! Bentley is an engaging and creative young man with a vibrant imagination that knows no bounds. Whether he's inventing new superheroes with unique powers in the backyard or collecting Poke'mon cards, Bentley is always immersed in a world of creativity and adventure. He's equally at home crafting content for his YouTube channel, mastering video games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox, or honing his skills in fixing things around the house.

When he's not busy with his hobbies, Bentley loves spending time outdoors, whether it's at the park playing hide and seek or tag, or enjoying his favorite foods like Hawaiian pizza, Mac N Cheese, and hamburgers. His idea of a perfect day involves quality time with friends and family, perhaps at Golfland riding all the rides, followed by bouncing around at a trampoline park and exploring Uptown Jungle.

Bentley is eager to find his forever family, one that will support him in learning to ride a bike and improve his skills on an electric scooter. To Bentley, family means kindness and mutual support, and he dreams of a home with a mom, dad, brother, sister and pets to share his adventures with. He wants his future family to know that he's a cat lover, and his favorite color is blue.

For Bentley, finding the right family means finding those who will understand and meet his unique needs. Currently, only families within the State of Arizona will be considered for his adoption. Bentley is ready to embark on the next chapter of his journey, and he's hoping to find a loving family to share it with.

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