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Gilbert is an incredible young boy who brings lots of joy, curiosity, and love to those around him. His sweet nature, inquisitive mind, and passion for various activities make him a unique and wonderful individual.  Gilbert has a soft spot for stuffed animals, finding comfort and companionship in them. His love for creativity and problem-solving shines through in his enjoyment of Minecraft and constructing 3D puzzles. Gilbert is a lover of the outdoors, he has a green thumb and takes pleasure in planting a variety of flowers and vegetables. While he excels in basketball, he generally enjoys participating in various sports. Gilbert's fascination with the world around him extends to collecting bugs, making trips to the zoo and aquarium is particularly delightful for him. He dreams of becoming a veterinarian, with a specific passion for working with lizards and science is his chosen field of expertise.

Gilbert is known for his kind and caring nature, always ready to share a smile and spread happiness. Curiosity fuels his desire to learn about the world, and he is enthusiastic about discovering new things. Once he sets his mind on something, he puts in the effort to pursue it with dedication. Gilbert particularly enjoyed witnessing science experiments, like the soda and Mentos experiment, showcasing his keen interest in the subject.

Gilbert is seeking a family that values and cherishes one-on-one time, providing the attention and support he thrives on. An ideal family would have experience caring for children with special needs, as this will contribute to a nurturing and understanding environment. A family willing to learn alongside him and explore the world together, fostering his natural curiosity. This sweet and inquisitive boy with a big heart is ready to embark on a new journey with a loving and supportive family.

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