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Meet Gracie, a sweet and passionate young girl with a good heart. Gracie dreams of becoming a veterinarian, fueled by her deep love for animals. You can often find her at the dog park or volunteering with kittens at the animal shelter, as showcased in her heartwarming adoption video below. Beyond her love for animals, Gracie enjoys a variety of hobbies, including drawing, gymnastics, singing, and listening to music. Her favorite artists include Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and Rihanna. Gracie also has a keen interest in fashion and makeup, adding a touch of creativity to her vibrant personality. When she's not pursuing her hobbies, Gracie enjoys watching cat videos, dog videos, and following her favorite content creators on YouTube. She even knows some fun TikTok dances and might teach you a few! Gracie's favorite season is Summer; she would swim every day if she could. If Gracie could go anywhere in the world, she’d visit California to swim and see the sunset on the beach.

Gracie is not only thoughtful, smart, and funny but also creative. She is seeking a trustworthy and honest family that provides a sense of safety. Gracie thrives in a structured environment with one-on-one attention. She envisions herself in a two-parent household, ideally as the only or youngest child. Gracie's love for animals extends to her dream of having a pet to call her own someday.

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