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Gracie is a sweet young lady who loves animals, especially pandas! Due to Gracie's love of animals she would like to become a veterinarian when she gets older. Gracie is always down for adventure or a quiet afternoon at the library. She enjoys gymnastics, playing Roblox and is really into LOL Dolls. An ideal day according to Gracie would be to enjoying the morning sunshine and then heading to IHOP for some good pancakes, after that she would like to go on a shopping spree and then head home to enjoy the evening with her family.

Gracie loves school and is always excited about learning about all kinds of animals. Gracie enjoys trying new foods and will not shy away from new experiences. Gracie would do best in a family where she is the only child or they youngest child. She would like a family that is able to support her and loves her for who she is and wants to be. She thrives with structure and one on one attention. She does well with animals and would love to have a pet to call her own someday. She would like to have a family that will allow her to continue contact with her current support system and one who would like to play Roblox with her.

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