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Isaiah is a very funny and cheerful kid with an infectious smile that brightens up the world around him. He enjoys playing video games, hangout with his friends and improving his sports skills.  Isaiah values friendships and cherishes spending time with friends, especially at the park for a game of basketball. Isaiah loves being a kid and says, "Being an adult is overrated, I'm gonna be a kid as long as I can." Isaiah takes pleasure in making others laugh and has a contagious laugh that spreads joy wherever he goes. Isaiah is uncertain about his future plans but knows it will involve working with his friends and doing something he truly enjoys.

Isaiah is a charming and spirited child who seeks a loving and supportive family to provide him with the care, guidance, and opportunity to continue to grow. One that can show him unconditional love, commitment and support him in his efforts to do well in school. He would benefit from a family who can be patient with him and loves going on adventures. A family that will value his current connections with friends and allow him to continue to build those connections.

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