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Jaclyn, who likes to go by Jackie, is a kind-hearted and thoughtful girl with big dreams. When she grows up, she would like to be a lawyer or a group home manager, as an opportunity to help kids in the system like herself. Jackie would love to learn how to do her nails on her own, her perfect day would be to get her nails done and spend the day at the beach. To Jackie, family means spending time together and going on fun adventures. She’s a big fan of Chinese food and Mexican food, her favorite snacks are blue Takis and iced tea. She likes dancing and singing in her choir at school. She’s very easy going and cares deeply for her friends and family. Jackie is looking for a family that can support her current connections and encourage her to pursue her dreams.

Jackie is open to any kind of family composition, two-parents, single parent, two moms or two dads. She would do well with or without siblings. Jackie's biggest priority in a family would be one that allows her to keep her current connections with her siblings that she is very close to. She will do well in a home that can provide structure and stability.

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