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Kayleigh & Zachariah

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Kayleigh & Zachariah

Meet Kayleigh and Zachariah!

Kayleigh is a sweet, caring and inquisitive girl who loves to spend time with those close to her. She loves coloring, watching her favorite shows and spending time with her little brother. Her favorite thing to do is to spend quality time with others that she has built a trusting relationship with. Kayleigh does best with structures and routine that is predictable and meets her needs. She enjoys being given simple tasks to complete on her own and loves to show others new things she has learned.

Zachariah is a very curious, energetic and compassionate little boy. Zachariah loves to eat yummy food, spending time with his sister and doing activities that involve dancing and running. Zachariah's sweet smile and caring eyes communicate so much love and excitement. He loves to go to school and spend time with his caring teachers.  He does well in an environment where there is routine and structure, and with schedules that are predictable and stable. Zachariah is deeply bonded with his older sister, Kayleigh and the two enjoy spending time together coloring, watching TV and dancing around the room. Zachariah brings so much joy to those around him.

Kayleigh and Zachariah would do well with a family that can support their connection to each other and provide them with a structured and predictable environment. A family that will be able to provide them with a lot of quality time and one on one engagement. The ideal family for Kayleigh and Zachariah would be one that has experience working with kids with special needs and can help them meet their individual goal. One that can provide them with love and understanding.  Kayleigh and Zachariah bring a lot of joy to those around them and are looking for a family to share that joy and love with.

Kayleigh was born in 2016 and Zachariah was born in 2017.

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