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Meet Lukah a bright, amiable and humorous youngster with a deep passion for basketball and cherished moments with his friends. Academically, he thrives, finding particular joy in math class where he not only excels but also eagerly assists his peers, showcasing both his proficiency and patience. School is a place where Lukah flourishes, diligently working towards achieving commendable grades. His enthusiasm extends beyond academics to the basketball court, where he plays with unwavering dedication on his school team. For Lukah, basketball is more than just a sport--it's about the camaraderie shared with teammates and the collective pursuits of excellence.

In envisioning his ideal family, Lukah desires one that values togetherness, kindness, and empathy, especially during his transition. He hopes for a supportive environment where his love for both school and sports can be nurtured and celebrated. Maintaining connections with his school, team and close friends is paramount to Lukah, and he expresses a longing for siblings to share his home life with, regardless of age. A patient and supportive family is essential for Lukah's continued growth and success in both academics and athletics. He wants prospective families to recognize his kindness, helpfulness, and penchant for laughter, emphasizing the importance of fun and shared experiences within a loving household.

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