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Royal & Christian

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Royal & Christian

Meet Royal and Christian!

Christian is a dynamic and engaging young man with a radiant presence that lights up any room. With his captivating dark brown eyes and infectious smile, he effortlessly draws others into his world of adventure and creativity. Whether he’s basking in the freedom of the playground or lost in the depths of his imaginative games, Christian’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for life are evident in everything he does. Indoors, he finds joy in constructing elaborate worlds with Legos, immersing himself in his favorite TV shows, or enjoying the company of friends. At school, Christian thrives in an environment where he can express himself through writing and relish in the simple pleasures of recess, forming bonds with his peers along the way. He has a passion for recreational sports like soccer and basketball. He dreams of a family who will support him in channeling his energy and skills in a healthy and constructive manner, particularly through sports activities.

Royal is a delightful little girl with a heartwarming smile, adorned with beautiful brown hair and big brown eyes that sparkle with curiosity. Though initially reserved with new acquaintances, she quickly warms up, revealing her energetic and affectionate nature. Royal finds joy in the company of those she holds dear, delighting in moments spent playing on the playground, nurturing her dolls, or reveling in outdoor adventure with friends. At school, she finds solace in the sensory experience of playing with kinetic sand and immersing herself in its soothing textures, as well as exploring the playground at recess. With a fondness for sweets, Royal’s favorite treats include cake, watermelon, and strawberries, reflecting her joyous spirit and zest for life. She dreams of exploring the graceful world of ballet and the thrilling realm of gymnastics, longing for a family who will provide her with the opportunity to pursue her passions and thrive in a nurturing environment.

Christian and Royal share a special bond and are seeking a forever family where they can continue to grow and flourish together. They envision a family that not only embraces their individual interests and personalities but also provides a harmonious balance of structure and nurture. As they navigate the journey of childhood, they long for caregivers who have experience supporting youth with special needs and who will wholeheartedly support their existing connections and aspirations.

Christian was born in 2016 and Royal was born in 2017.

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