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Santina & Louis

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Santina & Louis

Santina is a very confident and sensitive young woman. She loves binge-watching Netflix and is particularly fond of the Gilmore Girls. She describes herself as a "bit of a firecracker."  She loves to sleep in, get her nails done, and hang out with friends. Santina does well in school and enjoys classes that she has friends in. Santina hopes to one day go to college to become an environmental engineer. She loves learning about the environment and once had a teacher that inspired her to learn more about how the world works. Santina cares deeply for her friends and her brother, and has a very big heart. Santina enjoys spending time with those she cares about and hopes to keep her close connections.

Louis is a very funny and inquisitive young man with a caring personality. He loves to cook and to learn new things. He likes to play cards and enjoys spending time with other kids. He cares a lot about his friends and loves opportunities to go on adventures. Louis is a very hands-on kid with artistic talents. One of his favorite things to do is paint pictures for other people. Louis has a generous spirit and an infectious laugh. He wants to go to college when he grows up and thinks he'd like to be a teacher for younger kids. He loves sharing what he learns with others.

Santina and Louis are looking for a family that loves having fun together and would enjoy having other siblings. They dream of a family that is open to supporting their current connections and help them grow and succeed. An ideal family is able to love and support both Santina and Louis and give them the individual attention they need and deserve.

Santina was born in 2009 and Louis was born in 2011.

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Santina & Louis


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