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Meet Trevor!

Trevor is a bright boy who states his favorite thing about himself is "his collection of stuffies". Trevor is really good at math and is even working above grade level. Trevor's favorite subjects in school are math and science, when he grows up he would like to be a scientist or a video game developer. Trevor is learning to care for animals by being responsible for feeding the dogs, learning how to pet them and make them feel loved. Trevor also enjoys playing video games, going to the movies and McDonald's or Wendy's. He also likes going shopping for Pokemon cards and Bakugone, as well as going to the park when there is shade.

Trevor's ideal family would be a two-parent family. He is okay with two dads, two moms and even a mom and dad.  He would also like to have siblings. Trevor would do best with a family that can provide structure, consistency and unconditional love and commitment. A family that is patient and willing to take a little extra time with Trevor to help him meet his full potential.

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