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Meet Yahya—a sweet, affectionate and brave young man who loves playing with Legos and R/C cars.

Yahya enjoys riding scooters, bikes, the movie Cars 2, Batman, playing remote control cars, coloring, Fast and the Furious and creating things with Play Doh. Yahya also loves animals and hopes to have his own pet dog or lizard someday.

Yahya is one of the most positive souls you’ll ever meet. He is extremely enthusiastic with an innocent spirit. He is not scared or anything and is willing to try anything once. When he grows up, he wants to work at a zoo and be a zookeeper. He dreams of having an adoptive forever family one day.

Yahya loves community outings and is pretty much open to anything, yet he also thrives on consistency, structure and routine in his home. Yahya is very creative and resilient. He has endless potential, yet needs the love, nurturing, dedication and permanency of a forever family. When asked what he would like his forever family to know about him, with a huge smile, Yahya stated, “I want them to know I love everyone.”

Yahya was born in 2008.

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