day program

Grow, socialize, and embrace autonomy.

Ohana helps children and adults with special needs grow in enjoyable, meaningful ways. We want the people we support to realize how rare and valuable each of us really is. Through our Day Programs (DTA) & Summer Programs (DTS), we provide safe and comfortable family-like environments that we believe are crucial for personal and interpersonal growth.We believe that all people have gifts and abilities that far exceed the expectations of others. We believe that with Ohana’s individually tailored, person-centered, and family-like atmosphere, the sky is the limit. Children and adults do not need to be living in an Ohana home to register in any of our services. Transportation within a 15 mile radius is provided.

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Adult Day Program

Our Day Program provides adults with special needs individually-tailored opportunities to feel needed, and to realize that he or she can make a contribution. We believe that every person we support can bring joy and fullness to those around them, and that our Day Program offers the perfect atmosphere to experience this life-change. Activities offered in our Adult Day Program include but are not limited to:

Life Skills

  • Montessori approach with individualized attention
  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced tasks taught as confidence grows using tactile lessons and computer lessons
  • Money management
  • Independence

Work Programs

  • Small groups work with a job coach to develop job skills
  • Minimium wage per hour rate of pay
  • Community-based and program-based employment options
  • Advancement opportunities
  • GSE & TTE programs with individualized support

Computer Lab

  • Ability to work on résumés with staff assistance
  • Safely use the internet for: school/project research, job postings, music interests

Therapeutic Farm Animals & Gardening

  • Alpacas & Chickens
  • Members receive daily interaction and hands-on lessons on animal care
  • Three large garden beds and rows of planted vegetables to care for and harvest

Kids Summer Day Program

Our Summer Program offers a unique and exciting environment that is geared to help the children we care for experience personal growth, simply by experiencing more joy. We believe that few things are more important than trying new activities, and discovering what interesting and fun opportunities are all around us. Social and community skills are fostered through various on-site activities, and during regularly scheduled excursions such as: