Love moves: make a foster girl’s valentine’s day extra special!

Send a Valentine Card
Send a Card
Send Valentine's cards to this address and we will give them to our foster girls:
2710 W. Southern Ave.
Ste. 105-106
Phoenix, AZ 85041
Adoptable Youth
Interested in changing a youth's life forever? Get information about kids who are available for adoption and need a forever family.
Questions? Have other ideas to help make Valentine's Day special for Ohana youth?
Tax Credit
If you're an Arizona resident, your donation to Ohana is eligible for the Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit. It allows you to reduce your tax bill dollar-for-dollar (up to $500 for a single person, $1000 for a couple) by the amount of your gift.

Donating to Ohana is a wonderful way to love on kids and teens in the foster care system! Give up until tax day, April 18th, to claim the credit on your 2021 taxes!
Learn more about the Tax Credit
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