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Callie is a very active and outgoing girl! She has many interests, including sports, fashion and music. She enjoys watching the Medea movies and scary movies like Fear Street. Callie’s favorite snacks are sour candy, Dr. Pepper and hot-n-spicy sandwiches from McDonald’s. She loves to sing and dance, particularly to hip-hop music. Callie is also very invested in school; math is her best subject. When Callie grows up, she would like to be a hairstylist and learn how to braid or become a 2nd grade teacher. Callie’s idea of a perfect day would be to go to San Diego with her best friends. They would play, go swimming and get buried in the sand. Then they would get some candy and go on rides at an amusement park.

Callie is looking for a family that will love and support her as she grows up. She is most comfortable with other females; she would prefer to be in a home with two moms or a single mom. She would like to be in a family that will support her current connections.

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