Redeeming Stories through Intentional relationships

The Importance of Mentorship

At Ohana one of our pillars is Faith and Community Development. We believe this is best developed through having at least one significan relationship in the lives of the children we serve. Research shows that children who have experienced trauma, can experience healing through being able to identify at least one adult relationship. It is through this caring and consistent adult relationship that children can strengthen their resilience and begin to have hope for a better future.

Become a Mentor

The unfortunate reality is that many children in the foster care system do not have the same relational capital that the majority of people have. This means as kids continue to age and exit the foster care system they will not have someone to spend the holidays and life milestones with. Becoming a mentor can change the world for one of our youth as they mature into adulthood. If you're interested in becoming a mentor, please see Requirements and Next Steps.

Requirements for becoming a Mentor

  • At least 21 years old
  • Able to pass DCS background checks and obtain Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Commitment to being a Mentor for 12 months and visiting with Mentee a minimum of 4 hours per month

Next steps in becoming a Mentor

  • Fill out the Volunteer Mentor Application (button on right)
  • Complete in-person interview
  • Background checks and Mentor Training
  • Become matched with a Mentee

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Click here for our Volunteer Mentor Application