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Nora is a friendly little girl with a bubbly personality. She is described by her caregivers as a happy child. She is helpful, active, and smart. She opens up quickly and enjoys laughing or joking around. Nora is smart and can hold an intellectual conversation with adults. Her favorite subject at school is math, and she does very well in school academically. Her ideal day would be getting to do something fun.

Nora enjoys doing many different activities, and would like to learn how to French braid her barbie's hair, as she enjoys getting her own hair braided. Braiding her barbie's hair is her favorite activity at this time. Nora enjoys puzzles, coloring, going on trips, shopping, braiding her barbie's hair, arts and crafts, music, singing and dancing. Nora's favorite foods are spaghetti and salad.

Nora would like an African American family that will teach her about her culture. She would thrive best in a family where she is the youngest child or the only child. Nora would like to have no more than three siblings and enjoys going to church. She will thrive in a two-parent household where she will be provided love, patience, and structure. Nora will benefit from a family who will be willing to learn how to parent from a trauma-informed perspective. She enjoys an active lifestyle and loves going to the park or jumping on the trampoline.

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