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Ranjana is a very bubbly, kind and welcoming young lady. She becomes fast friends with everyone around her. Ranjana has an ever-growing list of hobbies and passions. She loves puzzles, coloring, stuffed animals, soccer, basketball and playing card games. Her garden is her pride and joy, she’s been working tirelessly on tomatoes, snap peas, jalapeños, basil and so much more! She spends her spare time watching Disney movies and listening to Taylor Swift and Hamilton. Her favorite dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream and her favorite food is pizza.

Ranjana would like to be a vet when she grows up because she loves taking care of animals, despite her slight allergy to dogs. Ranjana hopes to one day visit Disneyland, where she would ride a lot of rides, eat ice cream and get pins on their lanyards. She especially would like to ride all the Star Wars rides.

Ranjana is looking for a mom and a dad and possibly siblings that can spend quality time with her. Ranjana likes to have fun and would love to have a family that can share those special moments with. She would also like a family that would be able to teach her things and go on family vacations. Ranjana would like a family that is willing to foster her current connections as well.

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