transitional living


Ohana’s vision is that regardless of their past, every aged out youth in our program becomes a productive and contributing member of their community. Every one of them knows without a shadow of doubt that they are loved, valued, and has a future worth fighting for.

The unfortunate reality is that kids who age out of the foster care system are likely to end up dropping out of school, face homelessness, or end up in jail.

The research shows:


youth age out of foster care annually


kids age out of foster care every year in Arizona


of aged-out foster kids will become instantly homeless

Only 50%

of aged-out foster kids will be employed at age 24


is the average annual salary of those with a job at age 24


of aged-out foster youth will be arrested

Only 3%

of aged-out youth will gain a college degree, compared to over 33% of their non-foster care peers

7 out of 10

girls who age out of foster care will become pregnant by age 21

What it costs to bring hope


One time • Weekly • Monthly

Provides welcome home essentials

Provides a week of meals for a girl

Provides cleaning supplies and hygiene kits

Provides a month of life skills and vocational training

Provides a month of events and reliable transportation

Monthly costs per girl in program

Annual costs per girl through the program

Capital Giving

Provides transportation for a home

Provides a new 2-bedroom apartment unit

Provides a 10-unit apartment complex

Provides a community center with preschool, church, and rec center

The odds are stacked against our older foster kids, but Ohana refuses to let our youth be part of those dismal statistics.

Ohana’s independent living program is designed to improve the transition into adulthood for teens exiting foster care. Ohana operates The Anchor House, which is home to girls who have aged out of foster care, once they have turned 18, with two residential director’s living in the home. Each youth is given opportunities to build skills based on their individual needs and ultimately to live independently. Ohana provides them with weekly coursework to teach them a multitude of skills, weekly family night, mentorship, quarterly outings, case management, and a graduation gift once they have completed the program.

As a part of their coursework within the program, each youth will learn daily living skills, budgeting, nutrition, home locating & living, employment & career planning, educational development, transportation, healthy boundaries & relationships, goal planning, and experience social outings to help build community.

Every month the youth in our program meet one on one with the Youth in Transition Coordinator to ensure their individualized case plan is on track and milestones are being met. In order to reach the end goal of successfully moving out on their own into the community and maintaining stability. 
Download the Anchor House Brochure (PDF)

If you would like to join us by stepping into the gap to make sure these youth experience wholeness, hope, and healing, here is how you can help:

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